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About A1 Niches - What are its Aims and Objective and How does it Help

Anyone wanting to be successful as a writer of articles and blogs on the internet needs to carefully choose the keywords they use in their Titles, URL, Links, Descriptions and in the article itself. This applies whether you are searching for a topic to write about, or you are simply trying to choose keywords that will give you a change of competing on the Internet. There are two aspects to this:

=> If you choose a very popular set of keywords you will be unlikely to get any traffic because the existing sites will out-compete you.

=> If you choose very obscure keyword phrases very few people will search for these terms and you will get low traffic.

A1 Niches is designed to provide online lists of keywords to help you get started. Once you have selected a set of suitable options you will need to conduct research to get information on popularity, competition, adsense payments - Pay for Click Rates (PPC)/ Charge for Clicks(CPC). There are many tools for doing this including Google's own Keyword Tool. However it is hard to get started - that is find a set of keywords that are applicable for your topic. This is where A1 Niches can help.

Home Page

=> A1 Niches provides a list of high PPC/CPC paying key words of the home page. You will want to target high paying keywords if you can. Scroll through the list of words.

=> For some of these words additional information is available:
- Relative competition score as a percentage - Lower is better and Below 50% is best
- Adsense competition score as a percentage - Higher is Better.
There are various options for filtering the keyword list using the links

=> A Niche Keyword List or Topics is shown down the right hand side of the page. There are links to the Lists provided on the site if available.

Niche Keyword Lists

A1 Niches provides a set of Niche Keyword Lists for all of the Major Topics. There are two major sources for these lists:

=> List Compiled from our own Resources

=> List compiled from the Google Autocomplete/Suggestion Tool. This tool lists keywords that have been used frequently in searches. The list generally starts with the major keyword topic and additional keywords are added.

On the pages for these lists you can select for keywords from these sources or list them alphabetically or by entering words for filters, either singularly or in and AND statement.

New lists are being added all the time and the lists are being upgraded as new information becomes available, so check back frequently.
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